Prisoners and staff pitch in for flood relief

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Prisoners and staff at West Kimberley Regional Prison (WKRP) in Derby are coming to the aid of families impacted by the Kimberley flood crisis.
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Fitzroy flood relief

With around 100 people from Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding areas currently sheltering at Derby Lodge, WKRP has swung into action to provide food and other emergency supplies.

Over the weekend, the prison provided 200 frozen meals from its backup supply with an additional 100 meals delivered today.

Breakfast packs, toiletries and other personal hygiene products have also been given to those who fled their homes with little or no possessions.

This week, the prison kitchen will be used to prepare meals, in a relief effort being coordinated alongside the Department of Communities.
Cooking ingredients donated to Communities are being delivered to WKRP from where prisoners will cook and pack up to 100 meals per day.

WKRP Superintendent Heather Murchie says the 150 prison staff are more than happy to help support the emergency effort.

“It’s also really rewarding for the prisoners,” Superintendent Murchie explains. “Most of them have family members impacted by the floods, so they’re happy to cook meals and do whatever they can.”

Derby remains isolated with the flooded roads to Broome and Fitzroy Crossing cut off, however the prison has avoided any damage.

“Things are pretty wet around the prison but the perimeter hasn’t been impacted,” Supt Murchie said.
“We were built on higher ground and our drainage systems have held up well. It has currently stopped raining, so the water build-up is starting to subside.”