Community education

Training and education for community-based groups including joint ventures with not-for-profit organisations and local businesses.

Apply for a Community Stewardship Grant

Community Stewardship Grants are available annually to support community-based projects that serve to protect and restore the local environment, enabling local community groups to undertake stewardship of natural resources in their local area.

Community Education and Training

The Commission’s education team has a unique range of expertise and practical experience in the areas of education and training, law, human resources, organisational change, and community development.

Fire safety educational resources

Educational fire and natural hazard resources for schools, parents and kids. Download resources, book excursions, play games online and more.

Protect your property from fire

Fires in the home can be prevented. Know what to do in the instance of a home fire. Follow our tips to protect your property and your family.

Seniors Information Service

General information and referral for older people in relation to accommodation options, education, finance, business, health and wellbeing.